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Tutorial Tuesday X2! Cookie Cutters

We had a church activity for some of the 11 year old boys this past weekend and I wanted to make a special treat to bring....so I decided to make little tie-shaped sugar cookies. (Let me go ahead and warn you, I am not and have never claimed to be a good icing decorator! Please don't laugh too hard at my icing technique! :) As my husband said "It's ok, everyone has a brown and green polka dot tie in the back of their closet somewhere!")

Ok, back to the tutorial. Here's the finished product!

Here's the main item you'll need. This is in the plumbing section at your local hardware store. It bends fairly easily and is ideal for more simple shapes. (Making lots of curves or very intricate shapes will probably not work too well with this method.)

As usual, this doesn't take long at all! In fact, I made this in the car while waiting for my husband's carpool which was running a little late.
I drew my shape on a napkin and then bent the metal to the shape.

Once I got home I used a tin cutter to snip the shape off of the roll. I held it together with a small binder clip and it worked great. (I also learned that if I wanted to spend about $8 I could buy a rivet gun which would also have worked well to hold the cookie cutter together. For a more permanent solution this would probably work great!) The metal was only about $1.50 for a whole 10 ft. so there's plenty left for making more cookie cutters!

Happy Tutorial Tuesday!


  1. Erin, that is so clever. It would be a great activity for Father's Day. Kewl

  2. Cute idea Erin.
    I just saw something like this in a magazine, but instead of buying metal, they cut the rim off of a metal cookie tin. It was cute and I thought about doing it. The tie design is cool!

  3. that is SO cool!
    i have always wanted to make my own cookie cutters this way
    great for dad's day