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Tutorial Tuesday: Fat Quarter Accent Pillows

Oh the weather outside is frightful..... It's been a icy, cold day here in Texas. It was too icy to go into work so I used today to finish up all the Christmas gifts I've been working on. I even took a quick break from making gifts and whipped up some quick new pillows for my sofa:
I LOVE this fabric and it has the colors of my home decor in it!

Want to make some? It took me about an hour to make both! Here's how:

You'll need 4 fat quarters total. 2 of the front fabric and 2 of the back fabric
Polyfill stuffing for the inside

I just took my fat quarters and made 18" squares with them. Pin a back and a front piece together with right sides facing. Stitch around the outside of your square and leave about 4" open for stuffing it. (I left my hole in the bottom middle. That way if your hand stitching isn't great the pillow will be sitting on top of it.) Clip the corners and turn it right sides out. Stuff the pillow and hand sew up the bottom and you're finished! This went SO fast and I was so excited to get these done that I forgot to take pictures of the process. If you have any questions just comment and I'll be happy to answer them!

Happy Christmas Crafting!


  1. Those are so cute! And I love the fabric!!!

  2. I think I'll make those pillows not only to use it on seats but also to use it over my bed, but I was seeing the first photo here and pillows don't combine with seats.

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