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Merry Soaps

I know it was just yesterday that we made yummy Krispy treats but here's another great, simple, quick gift.
I asked my husband to help me name this tutorial and he suggested
Merry Soaps
: so here it is!

I started with the $1 bottle of soap from Wal-mart. (For your project, any clear soap will do, as long as the label is easy to remove, and there's no printing on the actual plastic bottle. This had a sticker on the front and the back but they were easily removed.)

Print out a few words onto a transparency with a laser printer. (Don't use your inkjet printer because the ink is NOT waterproof. Print out what you'd like and take it to your local copy center and have them make a copy onto a transparency.) I made my images about 3" high by 2 1/2" wide. After I cut them out, I trimmed them down by holding them up to the bottle to get the approximate size. I also rounded the corners which made it look a little nicer. To insert it into the bottle just roll it up and stick it into the top. It will unroll by itself once it's inside the bottle. If you need to adjust it at all just use the pump. When it's in the right spot, just screw the top back on with the pump behind the transparency. Tie a ribbon and you're done!

And, I left work so quickly today to catch my train that I forgot to email the word art to myself so I could post it to share with you. As soon as I get it tomorrow I'll edit the post with the link, then you can download the words I used above and use those if you want. :)

Edited: Here's the link for the downloadable PDF. When you download it, just print at normal scale and it will print to the correct size. A preview of the file is below. You can make 8 different soap bottles with the file. Download it here.

Have fun!


  1. My goodness This is a fun project to do how nice. Thank you for the tutorial

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  2. This is such a fabulous idea, I love it! I'll be linking.

  3. This is going to be part of my teacher's gift this year. I've given handsoap in the past with a note that says, "We've gotta hand it to you, you're a great teacher!" Now, I have a way to make it nicer.

  4. You can make your own liquid soap if you already have the containers! Take a bar of regular size soap (store brand or other - not the megasize ones) and grate it using a grater. Pour 3 cups water and the soap into a microwaveable container and microwave on High 3 min. Then remove, stir and put it back if it's still not melted. Let it cool, and pour into pumps.

    This is a brilliant project! I can't wait to try it!

  5. Sandra, thanks for the tip! I've never tried to make my own liquid soap before, this would work great with this project!

  6. What a cute fun idea! And I love the rice krispy treat idea too! Thank for sharing all your fun ideas!

  7. Thank you for this fabulous idea! I did it with Germ-X for my office friends...check out my blog to see how mine turned out. I love them, and it's all thanks to your genius mind!


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