I've relocated to an even better website! Be sure that you check Schlosser Designs | Blog for the latest projects, tutorials, and product releases!!!


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You can now sign up to get all posts by email through Feedburner. Just enter your email in the box towards the bottom of the left column and follow the instructions to make sure that you never miss an announcement or giveaway! Like this one:

Sign up for Feedburner, leave me a comment letting me know that you did, and be sure to tell me which one of my stamp sets is your favorite. You can find them in the Schlosser Designs Store. I'll randomly choose one person from among those who signed up and commented to win their favorite stamp set! (There are a few people that have already signed up. If so, leave me a comment to confirm that you did, and let me know which stamp set is your favorite.)

How easy is that?!? So, just sign up for emails, let me know which one is your favorite, and check back Monday February 16th for the winner! Good luck everyone!


  1. I just signed up! I can't wait for e-mail updates. I really like your cupcake stamp set. Thanks for having this neat contest.
    Sally Hackney sjhackney@yahoo.com

  2. I love your tutorials. Just found your site, and don't have a favorite stamp..yet. I'm sure that it won't be long. Becky

  3. I love your "Bough" set and I've been following your site through your burner since right after you started this site!


  4. Just signed up! You are my first site to actually follow. I put your link on my craft blog too and talked about you in my last post! Which means all 2 people who read it can see how much I love your stuff. I'm way popular :)
    Cute stamps, but I would use the cupcake one the most if I was blessed enough to get it!

  5. What could be better than cupcakes? Just signed up for your newsletter.

  6. Love the "Hey Cupcake" set - how cute! I found this site through howaboutorange.com and am so excited to subscribe. I love the downloads and ideas. Thanks!

  7. I just signed up to receive your e-mails. I love the Borders and Corners stamp set! Your tutorials are great, can't wait to see more!

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