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Card Background with a Magazine

Ok, so this card was one I made a little while ago. The background for this card was made using a magazine page. This one was pulled out of a Pottery Barn Kids Catalog. I just found a page that had lots of red on it and cut it into little strips. (Don't worry about cutting the length of the strips to match the size just yet. Just cut them out and after you arrange them you can trim the edges.) Then I covered a piece of cardstock around the edges with some double sided tape and arranged the strips onto it. (Now trim the edges.) Once I did that, I printed the sentiment out. I used two different browns for the ribbon. To add a little more texture I actually just crumpled up the middle, more narrow, ribbon in my hand and gave it a crinkley texture. (Is crinkley a word?) I attached the ribbon and then the sentiment and voila!

Any catalog will work well, just find one with some colors that you like. The image doesn't really matter because it is cut up so small that it distorts it. Also, try to find one with little or no humans in it. Because we are human, we are drawn to human faces before anything else on the page. If you look close, there are a few eyes on mine, (bottom right, a few strips up) but I really tried to break it up so that you're not drawn directly to that. Enjoy!

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