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Silk for Sale

I thought I'd list it here first, before going to Craigslist. As many of you are aware I occasionally do interior design work for residential clients. This is some dupioni silk that I accidentally ordered the wrong color for my client and unfortunately it's too late to return it. It's a kind of Burnt sienna red color. There's 12 yards of it, which would be enough for a duvet, a few drapery panels, or any number of other things. I'm selling it at my price of $15 per yard. ( Here's what it looks like close up....color may vary slightly...)

Contact me if you're interested or pass this along if you know someone else that's interested.

Also, keep in mind that I have these fabric books that I can order fabric from at a discount of 30%. Let me know if you're working on a project and you're more than welcome to come over and take a look at the fabrics!

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