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Hand Embroidered Kitchen Towels

I made these for Mother's Day presents. (Hopefully my mom won't decide to make this the week that she checks my blog! The J is for Janet, my mom, and the G is for Gayle, my mother in law.)
You might recognize the images...they are from my stamp sets that will be here soon! So here's what you do to make these, using stamps. Just stamp the image with black ink on white paper for the highest contrast. Then find where on the towel you'd like the image to be embroidered. (For these towels I used the cotton flour sack towels. I like how absorbent these are.) I placed the image underneath the area and traced over my stamped image onto the towel with a water erasable pen. (You can find these in the sewing section of your favorite craft store. The ink on mine is a bright blue.)
Next, free hand embroidery using any stitch you want and you're done. You can also use permanent pigment based ink and stamp the image onto the towel. Then try adding small beads for the small berries on the branches.

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