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Tutorial Tuesday-Quick Napkin Rings

Alright, how about another super quick project? I found this awesome clear transparency "paper" from Hambly Prints (I love Hambly Prints!) and thought it would look really fallish with an orange background. Is fallish a word? Anyway, here are the directions:

Cut a 12" long, 1 1/2" wide strip of the orange paper. Cut in half and this will be the base for two napkin rings.
Cut a 12" long, 1" wide strip of the transparency paper. Cut this one in half as well.

From here, you can make the more modern one, or the one with the ribbon.

Modern: Wrap around and staple. All done!

Ribbon: Set two eyelets about 1/4" inside of the ends. Tie with a coordinating ribbon. Done!

These will make great, simple party decorations. Use Halloween paper, or bold geometric paper for a birthday! If your napkins are patterned, try using a colored vellum... that way you get a little of the pattern showing through.
Happy Crafting!


  1. Very cute idea!!! I need one of those eyelet puncher deals!!! I love it with the ribbon. :) Thanks!!!

  2. Great idea! I love customizable projects! I'll be linking to this in the Daily DIY.

  3. gorgeous! love your blog! i am all about fall / halloween decorating - really looking forward to more of your craftyness!