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Tutorial Tuesday-Googly Eye Wreath

I LOVE the googly eyes that you buy at the craft store. What better time to use them than Halloween time! So today's project is a spooky googly eye wreath. It rained last night so I took the picture inside on my pantry door. (I usually have a wreath hanging there too. Who said that you could only use wreath hangers on your outside doors!) I bought the wreath at Michaels using my 40% off coupon.

Items you'll need:

1 wreath
Glue gun
1 can black flat/matte finish spray paint
1 bottle each green and purple acrylic paint
googly eyes in various sizes (my Michaels had a bag with a variety of sizes for about $2)

First, paint your brown wreath to make it a nice spooky black. I used the flat finish paint so it wouldn't look so glossy and unnatural.

After it is dry I used a foam brush with a little of the purple and lime paint on it and painted some streaks of color on the wreath. You can see it best in the bottom picture. Don't worry about picking just one or two branches and painting the entire thing. Streaks here and there are just fine!
Then glue gun your googly eyes onto your wreath. I paired mine together so at night it looks like little creepies looking at you from the wreath. Next time I'll probably add some glow in the dark paint streaks also!

Every time I say googly eyes I'm reminded of this skit:

Happy Crafting!


  1. OK, I am officially in love with your blog! I need this wreath!

  2. That is an awesome wreath! I'm going to feature it on my glue gun crafts blog if that's OK!

  3. This is super fun! I'll be linking to it in my next Halloween Roundup!

  4. Love the wreath! And I thoroughly enjoyed hearing Christopher Walken say googly eyes :o)

  5. seems easy but very cute too- great idea!

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