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Call for Help!

Hello everyone! Well I'm back from our quick trip to Chicago and thanks to the airplane ride I have another project to share with everyone! But before I do that I'd like a few people to test it first! (It has some new features with the PDF!) So... if you'd like to get the project (It's a Mother's Day Card) before everyone else and help me test out the new feature email me at:
erinschlosser (at) schlosserdesigns (dot) com
and put Mother's Day Test in the subject line please! I'll need about 5 people so email me quick! But don't worry, I'll release it in the next few days for everyone to download!!
And since I don't like doing posts without pictures, check out this wonderfully colorful display I took while in Chicago!

Edited: Thanks for the emails! I've gotten enough people to help test for now! Look for the new project soon!


  1. Neat picture! Can't wait to see the card!

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