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Tutorial Tuesday: Baby Book

Here's a slide show of the book I made for a co-worker that was expecting. (Katelyn has been born now!)

It's super easy to make! And here's the download for you! Click to download the Baby Book. There's 4 pages in PDF format. (Each page has 3 prompts.) All of the scrapbook prompts above are included and I added some that include meeting their sister/brother/siblings and the cat. I also added a stat page for a boy too. So you're ready to go!

When I made it I put one prompt on each page (each prompt is the size of an index card) and left space on the other side for a picture. That way the book is already made, the new parents just fill in their thoughts and add a picture!

Let me know in the comments if there are other pages you'd like to see and I can make those a separate download!

Happy Crafting!