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More Cards

Well, I said I'd go to bed early tonight but my new stamp sets just came in and I just HAD to try them out. So I told myself I'd make one card and then go to bed....but then I made some more, and then Percy (one of two of our furry babies) decided to try to get inside the printer. It didn't work to well but it was sure cute. So below are pictures of some more cards I made plus some of Percy trying to infiltrate the printer.

This is one of the first shaker cards I've done in a while. There are black and green beads that shake over the froggie picture.

This was a pretty easy card. I used a brown satin ribbon and pleated it. The background paper is actually a picture of a rug that I pulled off of www.rugs-direct.com. The contemporary rugs make great backgrounds!

This is a card using a new stamp set and paper colors that I just got. Fun, but simple...

And here's one last picture of Percy trying to get inside the printer. Right before this picture was taken his paws were all the way up inside the printer. There's a little red light in there that he's always trying to get.

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