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Naked Front Door!!

Isn't Sneak so cute! Christian was looking for her the other day and couldn't find her...well he finally did and she was camping out in her cute mousy tent!

Now comes the reason for the title of the post: Christian and I just got back from the Ice Cream Crank Off and as we pulled up I looked at the front door and it just didn't look right. It only took me a second to realize that my cute summer wreath was missing from the front door. I thought that maybe it blew off but I couldn't find it anywhere around our house or our neighbors house. I think that maybe someone had the nerve to come right up to our front door and steal my wreath....and it's a little to early to put out my fall wreath so for now I suppose I'll have a naked front door for a month. That didn't make me too happy.

Now more on the Ice Cream Crank Off. McKinney has this every year and basically anyone can enter and you make homemade ice cream in downtown and then everyone gets to try some in little cups. Of course they have the basic Vanilla, Peach, and Raspberry (although the vanilla we had was made from potato flakes and was surprisingly good) but they also had some ice cream flavors which included Dr. Pepper and Peanuts, Frito's, and Honey-Winnie the Pooh ice cream. (I didn't try any of those, but Christian had the Honey and quite liked it.) Overall we had an enjoyable time and left just in time because on the way home it started raining and thundering. Anyway, off to see a base ball game soon with Dad so I'd better go.

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