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Cats playing Fetch?

We're not sure if it was a fluke or not, but Sneak was playing fetch with me one night last week. She would jump up on my craft table, drop her little stuffed fishie, and wait for me to throw it. I'd throw it, she'd run and grab it, and drop it off again on the table. She did this about 8 times, but then it was time for bed. Christian and I thought that it was just some fluke..but the next day Christian was home from work and Sneak wouldn't leave him alone. He threw that little stuffed fish about 30 times. If he tried to take a break Sneak would meow and meow until he picked up the fish and started playing with her again. Maybe she had an identity crisis....thought she was a dog? Who knows?!? Silly Cat! She hasn't done it again since then... I guess we'll see! -Erin

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