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Well I tried to give blood today but to no avail. My iron was a little to low. Kind of sad, it was going to be my first time. Well, I guess I'll try again in a few months!
I had a great installation with a client today. We installed 4 rooms of custom window treatments, including a two story window on a curved stair...that was fun standing on a little ledge about 1 1/2 stories above the ground...well, not really but I'm not too scared of heights, it's just hard holding window treatments, drilling holes, and screwing in screws while you have a 12" ledge to stand on. (We couldn't use a ladder because of the curve, and the stairs) Anyway, it went well with the help of the client's husband. Off to create some more....I'm in one of those moods where I've got about 8 different projects in my head and need to design, design, design. Good thing it's a holiday weekend! Erin

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