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And I would walk 500 miles...

Well, I don't know if I'd be physically capable of walking 500 miles seeing how I haven't really worked out in a year....but our cute little Toyota Camry just hit 200,000 miles! Wow! That's a lot of miles that we've put on our car...and there's actually no problems that we're aware of yet. Well, except for the massive oil leak...but we decided that it would be cheaper to just keep dumping oil into it than actually getting it fixed. The quote to fix it was $1000 and you can buy a LOT of oil for that much money! We'll see how many more miles we can get on it. I also have more updates and pictures from my little trip to Colorado Springs last week but I'll post those when I'm not here at work eating my lunch :)


  1. I love the trade off between getting your car fixed and the oil! haha I got a good laugh from that one- and yes, you really can buy a lot of oil with $1000!

  2. Jeff's car is slowly racking up the miles. Making the trek to and from the airport 2-3 times a week is hard on a car, and I'm sure we are about 150,000.

    Love your new Blog look. Are you excited for Halloween!?

  3. Yes, the new banner is quite festive Erin. I like it.