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Colorado Springs

So I made it back from Colorado Springs....barely. I got a small flu bug the night before I was supposed to leave and was up all night with the usual flu symptoms minus actually getting sick. I figured if I hadn't actually gotten sick then I'd be ok to fly on the plane. Well, it was not fun! The minute I got to the airport I had to run for the trash can. The guy at the check-in counter didn't want to give me my boarding pass but I assured him it would be fine. He threatened me with the "If you get sick on the plane they'll have to land and it probably won't be in Dallas" speech. I assured him again that I'd be fine, all the while telling myself that I'd better be fine, because I sure didn't want to be stuck here. I promised him that if I still felt sick in 2 hours when they boarded the plane I wouldn't get on and try to take another flight later in the day. But when you're sick, all you want to do is be at home...not at some hotel room with no one there to help get you soda and tuck you in! Then there was frantic calling to Christian, Mom and Dad. Everyone prayed for me and literally no more than 10 minutes before they started to board, I felt much, much better. Definitely another testament to the power of prayer.

But, here are a few pictures that my friend and I took after work one day in Colorado Springs. There's a fun little place called Garden of the Gods which is a bunch of sandstone formations. We got there a little before the sun was setting and had a chance to walk around a little. It was beautiful...

This rock has a heart that was eroded out of it. I thought it was neat...



  1. How terrible to be sick at the airport! I am so glad you felt better before you boarded the plane.

  2. Erin, so glad you made it home! I've had 3 friends now post pictures of the Garden of the Gods, I need to get there! ;)