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Trick or Treat!

Here's what greeted the Trick or Treaters tonight!

My homemade ghost with felt eyes and a bouncy ball head. And my free spooky Halloween tree. I made Christian go with me and find a spooky dead branch at a little area of trees not far from our house. We found the perfect one and I stabilized it with a bucket of landscaping rocks we had in the garage. Next came little plastic skeletons I had and some orange pipe cleaners made into quick squiggles. I think it turned out alright. Next year I might have to try some orange lights. I also had little luminaries lighting the path. Some of the older boys found those amusing.

In general it was a good night. We passed out a lot of candy. It seemed that it started later than usual, probably because Daylight Savings time got changed from before Halloween to after Halloween and it's really no fun Trick or Treating in full sunlight! At first I was worried that somehow the first 4-5 people that came to the door forgot the magic words....I opened the door and all I got was "Happy Halloween" and then their bag would open for me to drop candy in. I guess someone reminded them because after those first few it was "Trick or Treat" as normal.

Among the interesting things I heard tonight:

-Dude check these out! These are sweet! (Referring to my little plastic skeletons hanging from the tree)

-You look nice tonight. (I'm not sure how I feel about this one, coming from a boy about the age or 11 or 12. I was just wearing my Halloween shirt from Target...Hmm..)

-That's all? The guy down the street gave us like 5 pieces! (I don't think I need to explain this one.)

All in all a good night and the consensus is that we'll do it again next year!


  1. Did you have many trick-or-treaters? We had like 20 max. I think it's because we were the only house with lights on and jack-o-lanterns lit up on our cul-de-sac. About 1/4 of the kids that did show up didn't have costumes! LAME-O.

    Fun decorations.

  2. We had a bunch of Trick or Treaters! We gave away 2 huge bags of candy, well almost 2 full bags. We probably ate a little before we gave them out. :)
    You're right, not everyone had costumes. What's the point of Halloween if you don't dress up? I was excited to see that there weren't any scary, bloody, gross costumes. Just cute princesses and super heroes!