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So there's this site that I've visited a few times recently and I love it! It's called Cupcakes Take The Cake. Get to it here. It's a blog by a few girls that compile all things related to cupcakes....right now they have a recipe for caramel-glazed apple spice cupcakes. YUM! They always have great pictures and if you live in NY they even have monthly meetings where they meet up at a cupcakery and try their cupcakes. I didn't know that some bakeries are called cupcakeries? I might want to live in NY just for that! Anyway, they have great design ideas from all kinds of cupcakeries and yummy recipes. (Well, they look yummy, I just haven't tried them yet.) Hopefully I will soon! I'll let you know how it turns out!

Also try this one. It's an offshoot of Wilton's website but it's all about cupcakes. They have great recipes here including Pumpkin Pie cupcakes and Pink Lemonade cupcakes with lemon icing.

And for the retro in all of us check out this flickr gallery!

WARNING...if you're not hungry before you visit their website...you will be shortly, and probably for a yummy cupcake!


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