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The headboard is finally done!

It's already past the middle of November and I haven't posted anything since the day after Halloween. Yikes. It seems so far away, even though it was only a few weeks ago. I have a few projects I'm working on that I'd like to post soon, and one to post now...

My finished Headboard for our bedroom. I figured out how big I needed it to be, and my dad helped me build the frame. It's built out of a piece of plywood and a few 2x4's. That took no time at all! I had Lowe's cut the plywood piece for me (It was only 75 cents!) since I don't have a big table saw in the garage, but I cut the 2x4's with a circular saw. Then I just screwed it all together. The next step was to paint the legs which would show after the upholstery was done. I just spray painted them a nice dark chocolate brown. Then I bought some 3" thick foam from JoAnn's. (Be sure to use a coupon for this...it's not the cheapest.) I used spray mount to glue on the foam then all I did was take a big piece of chocolate brown suede, wrap it around the front, and staple it on the back with a staple gun. Finished! All in all it took about 2 1/2 to 3 hours from start to finish. (Not including shopping time for foam, wood, and fabric.) The wood and screws were about $30, the foam was around $50, and the fabric was around $20. All in all I made a new headboard for around $100. I thought it was a pretty good deal! And the best news is that Christian loves it! Next step is to use the same brown suede and make a simple bedskirt for the bed. Then the bed should be done. After that it's on to the window treatments.

I also finished some ornaments for an online swap that I'm in. Christian asked me if I really had to send them out. (He wanted to keep them!) I fell in love with them too! I just used the sizzix die in my Cuttlebug machine and cut out the snowflake twice. Once with chipboard (which I then spray painted with the same brown paint as the headboard) and once out of christmas paper. I held them together with a brad and tied on a loop of brown ribbon. I think I'll make more. Lots more. (If you live close, you're more than welcome to come over and use it anytime!) The finished size is around 4" in diameter.

More projects soon! I'm off of work for 5 whole days!!!!!!

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  1. So totally elegant! You are so creative Erin! I love love love your headboard too.