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You win some, you lose some...

This week at work there was a contest to see who could design the best holiday mailer. This was right up my alley so I decided to create a few cards to enter into the contest. See below for the cards I entered. (Some are a little non-traditional but if you go to the website of where I work you'll see why) The winner would get to produce all the cards (for a fee of course!) and be credited on the back of the card. It had to be non-denominational and be international as well, since we're an international company. Friday came around and the announcement was made.

No-one. Yep, that's right, they didn't choose any of them.

And the funny thing was, it didn't even surprise me because that's just how Jonathan Bailey is. He's extremely picky. The CEO said it was because he gave us the wrong guidelines for the card competition but it's really because Jonathan didn't like any of them. Oh well!

But on a better note, I got my first real card client this week! I'm doing 450 wedding announcements for her. I'll post a picture of her announcement once I get the ok from her. Just think black, white, and a monogram. Very classy! Anyway, enjoy the non-traditional holiday cards!

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