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The car says Happy Birthday to me by....

...starting to smoke out of the hood, again...and the window got stuck...unfortunately the window got stuck down... Yep, the driver's side window is stuck in the down position, and the dealership can't even look at it until Monday and their estimate on what it will cost to fix..around $400. I'll be honest, it didn't make me too happy. But I guess it could have been worse, like rain, or snow, or frigid cold temperatures. We had lots of errands to run so we ran them anyway. At Blockbuster and Kroger, one of us would stay in the car while the other ran inside. Then we both had to go into Target so we took everything out of the car so that no one would reach in while parked in the parking lot and take something. (I kept secretly hoping the entire time we were in Target that someone would just steal it so we could get another car.) Then we went to Olive Garden for my birthday meal. (I was hoping someone would steal it there too.) It was delicious!

And soon I'm going to get my favorite pie for dessert! Marie Callendar's Razzleberry Pie with lots of vanilla ice cream! Yum!

Overall Assessment of Birthday (minus the car part): Great!!


  1. Happy Birthday! Sorry about the car, but the razzleberry pie sounds divine!

  2. I hear ya on the car issues.

    The first car I owned was older than me. You could only open the driver's side door from the inside so I always left the window rolled down. I figured if anyone wanted to steal it they'd need it a whole lot more than me!

  3. I LOOOOOVE Razzleberry, we just had it for Christmas (I ate half of it myself-- which is WHY we only have it for Christmas.)

    Happy Birthday Erin, hope you have a lovely day. Sorry your car had a few issues. What is it about December and car issues, good grief.

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only that can eat half a razzleberry pie myself. Christian looked at it this morning, and it was mostly gone...oops!