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Flower Brooch

Here's something else you can do with the ribbon trim shown below. Make a flower brooch. This one is fairly easy. Just cut a piece of trim 5" long. I used the same looped ribbon fringe, but any fringe should work for this project. Tape where you are going to cut and cut down the middle of the tape to keep it from unraveling.
Take your 5" piece, wrap it around in a circle to make a flower shape and hot glue gun the ends together. To hide the seam and top of the fringe, I cut a circle from some wool felt that I had a scrap piece of. I adhered that to the top of the flower and attached a pin on the underside. I pinned it on the front of the card as shown below:

This way the card can be sent and they can remove the flower and have a little brooch to go on a bag. (This one is a little to big to wear, but on a bag it would be really cute!) The finished card size is 6" square, so you can see how big the flower is. If you use a smaller, shorter fringe, you'll get a smaller flower.

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