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Page in a Bag Contest

So my local scrapbooking store has a contest once a month where they give you a bag of supplies and you have one week to make a project. It's been challenging because sometimes they are not the supplies that I would normally use. These were the supplies for the month:

And here's what I made with it:


  1. Erin! You are just too creative! How in the heck did you even come up with this??? I'd have never thought of something like this. Good job!!!

  2. Thanks! The rolodex card that we got reminded me of a file folder so I decided to make a little accordian file with it and attach it to something. Thus the idea was born...

  3. Where is this store!?!? You both have done cute stuff with this.(SM & E)
    Let me in on the secret, please. :)

  4. It's called Scrappin Bunnies, and it's in McKinney, right off of 75 behind McDonalds and Cici's Pizza.

  5. I coated it with a matte finish clear acrylic. (It's actually the leftovers from the tile coasters I made a while back.)