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Paper Globes

These are way fun and simple to make! However, I can't take credit for the idea. A talanted lady by the name of Heather Bailey created these. She's got the tutorial on her blog if you click on the link. (It's an awesome website!) Mine are much smaller than hers and I've added some fun brads to it also. Her pattern uses fairly large sized circles, and I felt a little lazy and didn't want to cut the 20 circles needed by hand. I used the largest circle punch I had and made a miniature version. It's about 3" in diameter.

I could see a bunch of these hanging from a chandelier for a party, or off of the mantle to make a garland at Christmas time. I also made a variation where the center was made of green vellum. It also turned out really nicely. I created these for the contest at my local scrapbook store. I decided not to turn in the one with the vellum, and accidentally got disqualified because I didn't use any of the vellum. Oh well!)


  1. Those are SO cute!!! Can't wait to try one!

  2. I made 50 of those for christmas gifts one year.

    Never again!

    Yours are cute though!

  3. Very pretty! That would be totally gorgeous as decor for a party - cool idea!