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July 4th Project

This project is along the same lines of stamping on napkins. I wanted a little more pattern on these ones.
Items needed:
1 fat quarter fabric (for those that aren't quilters it's where they take 1 yard of fabric and it cut into quarters)
StazOn ink
various colors embroidery floss

I cut out scraps of a neutral color fabric (thanks again Celia for the scraps!) I stamped the star from the Bough set and hand stitched around the image. I used a french knot at the star points, and a straight stitch for the outline. I used the water soluble pen to write "freedom" and "liberty" and then I free stitched those. I trimmed each one with pinking shears to be a 2 1/2" square.

Then take your fat quarter of fabric and cut it into quarters. You should end up with pieces that are about 9" x 10 1/2". Hem the edges and then sew the "patches" we made on top.

You're done!

(Close up of "patches")


  1. You are the craftiest lady I know! So cute! I love the hand-stitched look. Those hand-stitched words could make some really cute stamps too. . . : )

  2. Just wait until my holiday stamps are released...oh, was that just a hint? :)