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Tutorial: Stamping is fun on fabric too!

Ok, so you remember what happens when I do a tutorial right? I'll be giving away something that you'll need to complete the project. And this time you get a choice! The winner will get to choose between a brand new StazOn ink pad, or a set of 4 ready-to-be-stamped-on napkins. So, after the tutorial be sure to follow the directions to enter!

I made a few napkins this weekend. Of course I used the new stamp sets! I wanted some for birthdays or if we have company over for dessert. I used the Hey Cupcake set and the StazOn ink. The StazOn ink is permanent. Then I just embellished the cupcake with french knot "sprinkles". (Thanks to my friend Celia for showing me how to do a french knot!)

Here is a general one that I did for everyday eating.

Ready for the instructions?

Start with the Bough set, a napkin, StazOn ink, and a water soluble transfer pen. (I love the water soluble transfer pens, you just get them wet and they wash away!)
Mark two dots in the middle of your napkin to help with the stamp placement. (If you click on the picture you'll be able to see mine.)
Stamp the branch on the napkin.

Then I used the lazy daisy stitch to make some hand embroidered flowers on my branch.

Finish it off with a french knot in the middle of the flower and a herringbone stitch along the bottom.

This is another color combination I did.

Now for the entry rules:
Leave a comment on this post by Friday night, June 28, 2008. In the comment, tell me what other things, besides stamps you'd like to see me carry in my store. Would you like to buy paper kits that I put together with coordinating colors of cardstock? Special types of ink pads? Unique packaging to stamp and embellish for gift giving? Let me know what floats your boat and be entered into the drawing! Thanks so much!


  1. I love unique packaging. I used to be able to get a "door hanger" type box. It had a standard doorknob hole and then the front folded into a little pouch. It was wonderul to decorate and leave a little "goodie" - for friends and visiting teaching. I'd love to buy more! ~v wildwmom@yahoo.com

  2. I love how the blue turned out.

    I like the paper idea since it's hard for me to color coordinate sometimes.

    The permanent ink is pretty cool since you can do it on more than just paper.

  3. Unique packaging would be way fun

  4. I would love to see paper kits. Awesome ideas on your blog. I'll be checking this site out more frequently! =)

  5. Man! Those are so freaking cute!!!! I love the pink flower stitches. You could totally sell the napkins too - I'd buy 'em (not that we ever use napkins, but still!)

  6. I think it would be fun if you put together kits (paper and such included) for things like the napkins, magnets, or your other fun paper craft ideas. And It would be cool to have coordinating paper/ribbon kits too! Hey, is the adhesive you have on your website easy to use without an applicator? I really want to get it- it works really well, right?