I've relocated to an even better website! Be sure that you check Schlosser Designs | Blog for the latest projects, tutorials, and product releases!!!


The Store is OPEN!

Finally! The stamps are here, the packaging is ready to go, and the website is up, and it's even running correctly!!! (As far as I can tell anyway!)

So, head on over to get your favorite stamps!

Here are a few highlights that I wanted everyone to know about:

When you get to Schlosser Designs be sure to Login/Register as a customer. That way I can collect birthdays to add to the Birthday Club. Also, once you register on the site, I'll send you an individual referral coupon code good for 20% off of your entire first purchase! You can also pass this coupon code along to any friends or relatives. I'll keep track of how many people make purchases from your referrals and will be giving away super cool prizes to the top 2 people with the most referrals that made purchases up until the last day of July 2008. Good Luck!!

Also, take note that because I'm based in Texas, I must charge Texas residents sales tax. (Sorry!) But, if you order more than $40 before tax, no matter where you live (as long as it's in the US) you'll get free shipping!

Last item:
I'm now taking sign ups for crafting parties! You provide the guests and place, I'll provide the supplies and projects! Each host automatically gets 1 free stamp set, just for hosting with the opportunity to earn more depending on the sales from the party. We'll do a few projects. Your guests will get to keep a few, and we will also be making one to donate to a Not-for-Profit organization. So, host a party, earn free stamp sets, make some projects, and help others! Contact me for more details, or to book your party time! (If you don't live near me, that's ok too, I can host virtual parties! If you're interested in those, just contact me!)

Email me at: erinschlosser (at) schlosserdesigns (dot) com (If you have my other email addresses those are fine for personal emails, but ones about the stamps must go to the above email address. Thanks!)