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Every Other Tuesday

So, how about a tutorial AND template for the first Every Other Tuesday event? Here is a little envelope template to get you started: You can download it be clicking here. (You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download it.)

Here's a quick tutorial on how to put it together:
The template will print out onto one piece of letter sized paper. For this project I printed it directly onto the back of the patterned paper. You could also print it, cut it out, and use it as a template. Whatever works best for you. :)
Below I've got the envelope and alternate flap cut out and scored on the dashed lines.
Fold the sides in, and adhere.
Fold the bottom flap up and adhere that too.

Adhere the coordinating paper flap on top of the flap. Now we'll add the brad fasteners. Just make a pencil mark about 1/2" from either side of the bottom of the flap. (See mine below:)
Place the brads into the holes you marked. Then cut a piece of embroidery floss 10" long. Tie it around one of the brads and wrap around the brads.

This envelope will hold an index sized card note, or recipe card. It would also work great for a journaling holder on a scrapbook page! Enjoy!

I'd LOVE it if you let me know what you make with it!

Now, since this is also a tutorial there's a giveaway! Yippee! Just leave me a comment with a joke or short funny story. Let's get each other laughing! I'll pick a random comment on Thursday night, August 14th. The prize will be as follows:
One package of the brads used to make the envelope. Don't worry if you don't live close. If you win I'll send you the brads for free!

Can't wait to hear your jokes/funny stories!


  1. Love the tutorials and template. Your projects are so cute and after seeing the tutorials I know I can complete them, and also modify them to fit any project I might want to do! I'll be looking forward to Tuesdays!

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    I hope this joke is OK..lol Too funny.....I love papercrafting and have put your site on my desktop to check often....
    thank you for the pattern...

  3. Hi just found your blog.. Great things. Thanks for the pumpkin tut.plan to use soon. keep it up and Thanks again Jude on old gal

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    I love papercrafting and enjoy your blog! Thanks!

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