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Ready to commit!

Ok, so I was waiting for things to calm down a bit around here but I'm ready...
On August 12th I'll be starting a new feature on my blog:
Check back every other Tuesday because I'll either be offering a new template, or showing you a new project tutorial. I've already got the first few planned out, and I'm warning you, they're way fun!

(Just a reminder: Every time I feature a tutorial with downloadable instructions, I do a giveaway. To enter is simple: Read the instructions in the post to see what to comment about and leave me a comment. Usually the giveaway prize will be a product needed to complete the featured project. I'm so excited! I love giveaways!)

I'd love to do it every Tuesday, but with the new stamp sets being designed I didn't want to disappoint and try for every Tuesday without being able to keep it up. I'll still be doing other posts throughout the week so you'll see me more than just Every Other Tuesday. :)

Can't wait to see you for the first installment of Every Other Tuesday on August 12th!


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