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Would you like to win some clear stamps?

How about 4 sets of my clear stamps, and the clear blocks to mount them on? (Including the yet to be released new sets!) I am so excited to announce that I'll be sponsoring the prize next month for Christy's Craft Challenge! She has the most amazing crafts, written tutorials, and videos! Check out one of my favorite projects:

An oh so cute felted turtle

Every month she puts together crafty kits filled with all kinds of supplies. You can purchase them in her Etsy shop for just $5! You have almost the entire month to come up with a project using the supplies. (You can add more too, you just have to use what she gives you as well.) At the end of the month all her readers (and all your friends and family) vote and the favorite project wins the prize! Even if you don't win it's so much fun participating and a whole pack of supplies for just $5 is a deal!

If you want to sign up for the April Craft Challenge the deadline is March 27th!


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