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Did you know....

...that it costs $650 to fix a motor and regulator in a car window. That's how much it was going to cost...but we decided to fix it the ghetto way, well, not really because we don't have clear plastic duct taped to the window. But they were able to prop it up somehow, nothing visible, but we're not supposed to touch it. That was only $55 and they topped off our oil which is now leaking at a much faster rate. So much so that if the car is running for an extended period of time, grey smoke comes out from under the engine. It's not really noticeable yet, but it does smell like burning oil. Yuck! I was really worried that our car was going to catch on fire. I can see it now, driving down 75 and my hood bursts into flame. The service guys at Toyota of McKinney were very nice and assured me that it was highly unlikely that it would burst into flames. I do have to commend them for their efforts. Before, I had always been told not to take your car to the dealership, but I had a headlight go out a while back (this was one before I got pulled over for another one being out) and took it to the dealership to have them fix it. They fixed it for me on the spot and $2 later, I had a fixed headlight. They had only charged me for the part. I thought that was nice of them. This week we took the car in on Monday and they gave us a loaner car for the day....which turned into 4 days. I was very impressed that they didn't charge me for the loaner car when I only had $55 worth of repairs made on the car. Anyways, I would recommend them highly! They always treat me like I just drove up in a brand new car, when really I drive up in a car that smells like burnt oil and has 204,000 miles on it now. :) Hope everyone has a great Friday!

I have a few projects that I'm going to try to post tonight when I get home, along with another template in the next day or two!

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