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Card Ideas coming in...

Check out this blog: KWerner Design. She's one of my favorite card crafters out there! She has lovely challenges and videos every week! For her last challenge, she used one of my sets to make a card that is way cute! I have more on her later... hint, hint...

On another note, Sorry it's been a little while since the last post. I'm working on a few more fun things for the store...like new stamp sets just in time for the Holidays! I'm super excited! And a few new project templates to upload for free!

So, as I'm deciding what types of things to post on the blog, are there any suggestions, or things that you're dying to see? More free templates, tutorials, both, something else all together? Let me know because I really want to make sure that I'm posting things that everyone wants to see!


  1. How cool!!! I just love seeing all the cards you make and the other things too! You are so crafty!

  2. I love your tutorials- because I'm a craft dummy and need it explained step by step!