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Yippee! My 1st publication!!!

Well, after much consideration I decided at the last minute to enter a card I created to Paper Crafts Magazine (www.papercraftsmag.com) and I just got the email that my project has been selected for their publication. I'm soooooooooo excited! I couldn't believe it! I interrupted Christian's movie to let him know! It will show up in their March 2008 magazine which goes on sale February 5, 2008. Unfortunately I can't put a picture up until the the issue is available on stands....but I'll warn you...It's REALLY cute! It shows a new technique I created...but Christian (my DH) helped me with the idea for the image on the card! He's so good at coming up with crafty ideas...and he's an accountant! So, THANKS to Christian for the support and the ideas! Now I'm off to create cards for their next submission call!


Naked Front Door!!

Isn't Sneak so cute! Christian was looking for her the other day and couldn't find her...well he finally did and she was camping out in her cute mousy tent!

Now comes the reason for the title of the post: Christian and I just got back from the Ice Cream Crank Off and as we pulled up I looked at the front door and it just didn't look right. It only took me a second to realize that my cute summer wreath was missing from the front door. I thought that maybe it blew off but I couldn't find it anywhere around our house or our neighbors house. I think that maybe someone had the nerve to come right up to our front door and steal my wreath....and it's a little to early to put out my fall wreath so for now I suppose I'll have a naked front door for a month. That didn't make me too happy.

Now more on the Ice Cream Crank Off. McKinney has this every year and basically anyone can enter and you make homemade ice cream in downtown and then everyone gets to try some in little cups. Of course they have the basic Vanilla, Peach, and Raspberry (although the vanilla we had was made from potato flakes and was surprisingly good) but they also had some ice cream flavors which included Dr. Pepper and Peanuts, Frito's, and Honey-Winnie the Pooh ice cream. (I didn't try any of those, but Christian had the Honey and quite liked it.) Overall we had an enjoyable time and left just in time because on the way home it started raining and thundering. Anyway, off to see a base ball game soon with Dad so I'd better go.


More Cards

Well, I said I'd go to bed early tonight but my new stamp sets just came in and I just HAD to try them out. So I told myself I'd make one card and then go to bed....but then I made some more, and then Percy (one of two of our furry babies) decided to try to get inside the printer. It didn't work to well but it was sure cute. So below are pictures of some more cards I made plus some of Percy trying to infiltrate the printer.

This is one of the first shaker cards I've done in a while. There are black and green beads that shake over the froggie picture.

This was a pretty easy card. I used a brown satin ribbon and pleated it. The background paper is actually a picture of a rug that I pulled off of www.rugs-direct.com. The contemporary rugs make great backgrounds!

This is a card using a new stamp set and paper colors that I just got. Fun, but simple...

And here's one last picture of Percy trying to get inside the printer. Right before this picture was taken his paws were all the way up inside the printer. There's a little red light in there that he's always trying to get.


Birthday Card

Here's a Birthday Card I created for my boss. It might be hard to see but the H and B in Happy Birthday are cut out, mounted with foam tape for dimension and then I embossed then with holographic embossing powder. It's mounted on a chocolate background...I think it turned out well, and everyone liked it!

This is another card I whipped up today using my scraps!

And here are some more, these are all brown and blue themed!

Maybe I need more practice...

Well, I haven't blogged in a while, or actually not much at all because I keep fighting with myself over what should be included and what shouldn't be included...I decided what the heck...I might as well just start blogging and whatever comes comes...so there will probably be a good mix of a little bit of everything that makes it up here... maybe, unless the other side wins...who knows what will happen!
Well I was reading one of the many design magazines I get every month when I came across this page and thought "Hey, I could use some tips to tidy up the laundry room!" so I started reading. I got half-way through the tips and laughed out loud (well not really because I was on the train riding home from work) but I might have snickered a little. Anyway, the scan of the page isn't the best but here is what the tip says: "Lost-Sock Station: Hang binder clips to corral single socks and items found in pockets."
Then I looked at the image... In my home, the "Lost-Sock Station" would have to have it's own room. And all the walls would have to be covered with binder clips...yet they show one clip with one sock! When has anyone ever lost only ONE sock? (and an impeccably clean one at that!) My dryer eats more socks than I do chocolate (and that's a lot)!