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Tutorial Tuesday-Quick Napkin Rings

Alright, how about another super quick project? I found this awesome clear transparency "paper" from Hambly Prints (I love Hambly Prints!) and thought it would look really fallish with an orange background. Is fallish a word? Anyway, here are the directions:

Cut a 12" long, 1 1/2" wide strip of the orange paper. Cut in half and this will be the base for two napkin rings.
Cut a 12" long, 1" wide strip of the transparency paper. Cut this one in half as well.

From here, you can make the more modern one, or the one with the ribbon.

Modern: Wrap around and staple. All done!

Ribbon: Set two eyelets about 1/4" inside of the ends. Tie with a coordinating ribbon. Done!

These will make great, simple party decorations. Use Halloween paper, or bold geometric paper for a birthday! If your napkins are patterned, try using a colored vellum... that way you get a little of the pattern showing through.
Happy Crafting!


Tutorial Page Updated

I just updated the Tutorial Page today with some more fun Halloween projects from last year. So be sure to check out the following projects:

Quick & Easy Accent Pillows

Halloween Wall Art (I used some papers that were available last year, these can easily be substituted out, depending on the look you want.)


Tutorial Tuesday-Embellished Candles

I can't believe it's time for Tutorial Tuesday already! This week's project will only take you about 1 minute. Yep, only one minute! For this project you'll need the following:

Candles (Any color will work. Since the embellishments are NOT flame proof it doesn't matter too much what they smell like because we're not going to light them. Mine are peppermint, leftover from projects last Christmas.)

Halloween/Fall themed ribbon

Scotch Transfer Tape (The red Tacky tape will work too.)

Now, cut a ribbon piece slightly longer than the circumference of your candle, put tape on the back, and tape the ribbon onto the candle. Done.
Hint: Try layering different widths of coordinated ribbon for a different look. This one has a wider black ribbon, with a smaller purple ribbon on top.
This ribbon was from Michael's. The ribbon in their $1 bin is the perfect length to make 1 or 2 of these candles. These would make great little I'm Thinking of You gifts for neighbors and co-workers as well! Happy Crafting!


Quick Glitter Card

It's been a while since I featured a card so here's a quick one for you:
How did I get that fun green glitter accent you ask? I found this awesome tape at the craft store! It's CLEAR mounting tape. It's as strong as the foam mounting tape, but clear instead!
To make the card I cut a overhead transparency in half, cut a piece of white cardstock slightly smaller, and ran the paper through the Cuttlebug to give it a little dotted texture. Isn't it cute! Then, just run a stripe of the clear tape up the front of the card, sprinkle on glitter, and your glitter border is done. It's that simple.
Stamp the border and "Thanks" sentiment from the Borders and Corners stamp set, cut out, adhere, and you're done!
I LOVE how the glitter has a transparent feel to it, since it's adhered to a clear backing! Happy Crafting! I've got another quick Halloween project for Tutorial Tuesday! See you then!


Tutorial: Fabric Pumpkins

Ok, so I think I'm ready for fall, and in a pumpkin mood.... So here's today's tutorial!

Fabric Pumpkins

These ones will last you just as long as the pumpkin pets in the previous post, and are a little more lightweight. :) You'll need these three PDF's:

Pattern: Panel

Pattern: Stem

Tutorial Instructions

The finished size is about 7" around (not including the stem.)

You can enlarge the patterns to make different sized pumpkins. I'm working on one about twice as large and will post a separate pattern for that one very shortly. The larger one will also have a fabric stem as opposed to a felted wool stem. (Thanks to my friend Celia for letting me borrow some felt from her stash!!) Leave me a comment if you use it. I'd love to see what everyone creates! Happy crafting!

Updated: I added a new pumpkin stem pattern in a new post. There are two patterns. One is for a more straight stem that involves no blanket stitch, and the other is for a felt one that is a little more straight. Find the new post here.


Pet Pumpkin Rocks

So my husband and I carved our pumpkins a little early. :) Why you wonder? Because these are our little Pet Pumpkin Rocks and they will last until Halloween!

See that one in the back there? The one with the vampire teeth? His name is Edward. :)

So these are SUPER easy to make. You know me, I keep my projects short and simple. The longest time for this one is waiting for the paint to dry.

Here's what you need:

1 can each Orange and Green Spray paint
Various sizes and shapes medium sized rocks for the pumpkins
Smaller rocks for the stems
Sharpie Permanent Marker
E6000 adhesive

To get started, wash and scrub your rocks well and let them dry. Then paint them their respective colors. (This was the hardest part...waiting for them to dry!)

After they are dry, use your Sharpie to "carve" the pumpkins. It's ok if your rocks aren't perfectly round. Just use their shape to inspire your carvings. The pixelated face is one my husband did, see how the rock is almost a rectangle. And the happy toothy grin on the one next to it was done on a different side of the rock.

(To keep it as realistic as possible you can also use a yellow paint pen and make sure that the shapes you use are actually ones that you would carve.) Then use the E6000 adhesive to add the stems to your pet pumpkins and you're finished. If you're putting these outside, spray a clear coat of finish to protect your carving.

If you make your own I'd love to post a link here for others to enjoy. Just let me know when you post the picture and I'll link it right up!

And... here's a sneak peek of the tutorial for Tuesday! Enjoy!