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Ready for the next installment?

This set is called Bough-tiful Blessings. (Hope that's not too cheesy!) It comes with a whopping 39 stamps. The branch/tree (depends on which way you stamp it) is 4 1/2" long. The perfect size for a card or scrapbook page element.

I am soooo excited about this set because of all the different possibilities! The branch can have so many different things stamped with it: stars for birthdays, flowers, leaves and berries, hearts for valentines day, cherry blossoms.... you get the idea. Also included are some small swirls, dots, and starbursts that can be used separately, or layered on top of the other shapes to make a center. These are easy to layout with your clear acrylic blocks and can be laid out however you want! I've also included three different stems, that you can add flowers and leaves to.

This set will also be on a 4" x 6" sheet. The price will be $12.50. (All of my stamp sets that are on a 4" x 6" sheet will be $12.50. Pretty easy to remember, and I think an awesome deal!)


Wait no longer....

Here is a preview of one of the first of four stamp sets to be released soon! This set includes 4 sentiments, 2 corners, and 5 different borders. The circle can be cut out perfectly with your 1 3/4" punch and the square will fit in your 1 3/4" punch. The other three shaped borders are right at 2" wide each. These are great sizes for both cardmaking and scrapbooking! This will come on a sheet that is 4" x 6". Let me know what you think!


Sticker Pizazz

If you're like me, you've got lots of flat stickers that are cute, but just don't cut it anymore on a card or scrapbook page. Many of the online card swaps I've done specifically say that you can't use flat stickers...so what do you do? Here's an easy trick to add a little extra pizazz to your flat stickers:
Stick your sticker on a blank piece of chipboard. (If you don't have sheets of chipboard, try a cereal or pasta box.) Then trim around your sticker. Now you've added dimension to your flat sticker. I used the technique to make this vase. The entire circle is a sticker, but it looks like the printed chipboard that you see everywhere!

Paper Flower Tutorial

This would make an awesome Mother's Day Gift! And it's very versatile. You can make globes, embellishments, and flowers! Click on the link for the tutorial in PDF format.
Versatile Paper Flowers


Tweet Day Gift Bag

Swap is tonight and the theme was a gift bag. It could be a gift box, bag, or anything else to give a gift in. I bought the craft paper brown bags and embelished them. A little tag. (hint: tag sentiment and border might be images from my new stamps. Do you like them?)

Close up of the birdie. I cut out the shape from the paper and adhered that to the bag. Then I used tacky glue and traced around the bird. I pulled out a skein of yarn that I bought just because I liked it. I outlined the bird with the yarn for a little dimension. I think it turned out nicely.


Gift: Baby Journal

A friend at work is expecting her first child (a little girl named Katelyn) soon and we're having a baby shower for her tomorrow. This is what I made for her:

Basically a small journal with a few prompts. I left one side empty so she could put a picture and the other side has a little journal block. I've typed below what each one says...or you can click to see it bigger :)

Our Beautiful Baby Girl (name here) entered the world on (Date here) at (time here). She weighed (weight) was (length) long, and had (color) eyes.

The first time we saw you:

When you were born:

Your first bath:

Our favorite thing about is:

When you met the dog:

Our thoughts for you.

The paper I used was a stack from K & Company designed by Amy Butler. I've been wanting to get some of her fabric and patterns for a while now and when I saw her paper I just had to get it. Anyway, the rest was just solid cardstock to match, with adhesive rhinestones throughout.


Custom Picture Frame

This is what I started with:

-Picture Frame (I got this from Target, my favorite store ever! It was a set of 5 different sizes for $10.
-Scotch Transfer Tape (I'll have this in my store because it is the MOST AWESOME tape ever!! It comes in HUGE rolls and is really inexpensive, and it works for glass, plastic, paper, ribbon, and is permanent.) Terrifically Tacky tape will work too.
-1 yard of ribbon per frame (I got all ribbons shown for $1 each at Hobby Lobby and Michaels.)

Start with a frame of your choice. You don't even need to take out the glass, just make sure that the glass is clean.
Tape your ribbon to the glass right up against the edges of the frame, overlapping each corner as shown below. I tucked the ends under the frame for a nice clean look.

You can add embellishments. I tried the buttons here. Also try larger scrapbooking brads for a metallic accent, flat beads or anything else you like.
I layered two ribbons to make the one at the top. The patterned one which matches my guest bathroom exactly and then a smaller width lime green ribbon to frame it out a little more. I'll be putting it in my bathroom but need a humorous quote to print out and go inside. Any ideas?
All in all the project only took me about 5 minutes and cost about $3. Very easy to customize. It would make a great gift with a photo or quote in it. Don't forget Mother's Day is coming up soon! Check places like Ross, Tuesday Morning, Goodwill, and Big Lots for inexpensive frames.

I'm back!

Thank you everyone for your well wishes on my exam! After 250+ multiple choice questions and a complete design problem in one day I am done with the exam. The unfortunate part is that I have to wait until JULY to find out my test scores....oh the wait! Oh well! At least it's over!

Guess what came a few days ago in the mail? The packaging for my stamps:

Each stamp set will come in a lovely brushed silver hinged tin with a ribbon around it! Like a present every time! It's even got the neat little finger grips seen in the picture above so they are super easy to open. When you get the stamp set, it will be in the tin, all you have to do is peel them off the acrylic sheet and place them into the tin. (No cutting or trimming necessary!!) There will be a 4" x 6" sticker with all the images full size, that you can place on the front or back of the tin to let you know what is inside.
Many clear stamp designers will ship their stamps in a clear CD case. I chose to do the silver tin because, over time, if your stamps are exposed to lots of light, they may yellow. While it doesn't affect the quality of your stamps at all, I still don't like them to turn yellow, thus the tin to block any extra sunlight from getting on your stamps. (As long as you don't leave them sitting in the sun they will be fine. Plus I ordered stamps from many different manufacturers, and looked at ones in the store that had been sitting for a while to make sure mine would resist yellowing!)
I'll also be selling the tin separately! (Soon I'll have some projects to show you that can be completed with just the tin. My mom came up with the idea for one of them!) The tin is the size of a DVD case, and will actually hold two of my stamp sets, so don't worry about needing more room to store your new cool stamps in! I promise that I'll have some images soon of the stamps! I have pages and pages (literally) of images and am combining them and coordinating them into sets. Then I have to choose which ones to offer first! So exciting!