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Father's Day Gift Container

Here's a quick hexagon box template that was well loved last year:

1. Download template here. Find a wood grain image online that you like. I like to look at Wilsonart Laminates , or Treefrog Veneers. Once you find an image that you like, right click on the image and save it to your computer.
2. Print the wood grain image on photo paper or cardstock, then print the templates onto the wood grain. (Any other pattern will work too!)
3. Then follow the directions on the template to finish up!

If you'd like to do the graduated sizes like shown above, just print at different percentages. Try 85%, 100%, and 120%.

Stay tuned this week for another Father's Day Wood themed downloadable gift set!

Happy Crafting!


Tutorial Tuesday-Copper Garden Decorations

I found some copper wire as I was cleaning out my garage to prepare for my move and got sidetracked in making some little garden decorations! (Because crafting is WAY better than packing!) These would make great Father's Day Gifts for those fathers that like gardening!

Best thing is: They are super easy to make! Both of these took me about 15 minutes total!

You can get various diameters of copper wire by the foot at Lowe's or Home Depot. Find a diameter that is easy enough to bend, but not flimsy. Bend them into shapes and leave about 12" of straight wire at the bottom so you have something to stick into the ground.

I find that it's easier to make the shape and then cut, instead of cutting a straight piece of wire and then bending it into the shape you want. If you're having trouble with shapes, try sketching a shape on a piece of paper and bending the wire into that shape.

Happy Crafting!

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A Little Friendly Competition

Over at Fresh Nest Design we've helped Marie from Make and Takes redesign her space!

Marie Before Entry Room

Deb and I both did a redesign this time and she's taking votes to see which one she should do. Be sure to go vote! (It doesn't have to be for me, just vote for which one you like, and which one took into consideration Marie's design style.) Click on her Before image above to go vote and see the final designs!

Happy Friday!


Tutorial Tuesday-A sale instead!

Thanks everyone for checking in today! I'm glad you did-because I've got a moving sale! Since my new place is up 3 flights of stairs with no elevator my husband has declared that my current inventory needs to be minimized!

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Customizable Mother's Day Cards Anyone?

Thank you so much to all my testers! I made a few changes based on the feedback I got from you and here's the final product!

Download the PDF here. There are two cards on the sheet. Just print on 1 sheet of white cardstock, cut in half, embellish, and you're done!

But wait, you might ask why I had some testers test this project out first. It's because the sentiment on the front of the card can be whatever YOU want it to be! (Look for more projects with this feature shortly!) When the PDF opens up, click on the sentiment where it says Type Custom Sentiment Here and type away to your hearts content. These cards will allow you two lines in which to type a custom sentiment for your mom! How awesome is that?

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Edited: Thanks Daniel for letting me know about the bandwidth! It is a pretty popular download. The location has now been moved and is ready for downloading again. I'm working on moving the rest of my projects over so as soon as they are moved I'll let everyone know. Thanks for your understanding!