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The winner is...

The totally unbaised Random Integer Generator says:

Here are your random numbers:5
Timestamp: 2008-05-24 20:29:05 UTC

Which means that comment number 5 is Silly Marie!

Congrats! I'll get those wooden blocks to you shortly!


Baby Card

Here's the card I made this month for card swap. My preview stamp images came in JUST in time! I used two images from the Borders Set: The border and the XOXOX stamp. (The "baby" stamp is from Stampin Up) The finished size is 3" x 6". I like this one because of the fun rectangular size. Just cut a 3" strip of 12" square paper, fold in half, and you've got yourself a card.


New contest format!

It's been a while since my last post. You probably think I've fallen off the face of the earth. Actually I've been working hard on the stamp stuff. (Things that would make boring posts, like packaging and getting the retail website up and running, which has been a challenge! It's still a work in progress as I try to integrate PayPal into it.)

Anyway, here's a smaller project I worked on. These are little refrigerator magnets.

We had an old game that was missing some blocks, the generic brand of Jenga. I knew I could use the left over blocks for something and here it is. This is EXTREMELY easy to do! Just trace the block onto your favorite scrapbook paper, cut out, and use Mod-Podge (or another clear acrylic adhesive to attach paper) to glue down the paper to the block. When the first layer of clear acrylic is dry, put another one on top of the paper, to make the paper resistant to water damage. Then use your glue gun to glue a magnet on the back, and voila, you're done! Really cheap and easy to match just about any decor. I liked seeing the actual wood finish, but you could paint the wood too. (I almost spray painted them a chocolate brown.) Other ideas include:

-Stamping letters on them for spelling practice and learning your ABC's (well maybe your children, you probably already know your abc's :)
-Use scrapbook rub-ons for cute patterns.

And here's the contest part! Leave me a comment at the bottom of this post by Friday, May 23 at 7PM. You're comment must include the answer to this question: What is your most favorite color combination? It can be just two colors, three colors, four colors, or more. Just let me know your favorite.

The winner will get 5 unfinished magnet blocks! I've decided as I do tutorials here I'll also be giving away one of the key items to make the project. (If you don't live near me, I'll include the shipping to get them to you!)

Check back really soon! I will have projects extremely soon with the new stamp sets. My samples get here tomorrow and the final stamp sets get here in about 3 weeks!


Hand Embroidered Kitchen Towels

I made these for Mother's Day presents. (Hopefully my mom won't decide to make this the week that she checks my blog! The J is for Janet, my mom, and the G is for Gayle, my mother in law.)
You might recognize the images...they are from my stamp sets that will be here soon! So here's what you do to make these, using stamps. Just stamp the image with black ink on white paper for the highest contrast. Then find where on the towel you'd like the image to be embroidered. (For these towels I used the cotton flour sack towels. I like how absorbent these are.) I placed the image underneath the area and traced over my stamped image onto the towel with a water erasable pen. (You can find these in the sewing section of your favorite craft store. The ink on mine is a bright blue.)
Next, free hand embroidery using any stitch you want and you're done. You can also use permanent pigment based ink and stamp the image onto the towel. Then try adding small beads for the small berries on the branches.


All the stamps are done!

Well, for the first release anyway. They will be sent off to the manufacturer for production on Monday! I can't tell you how excited I am! I'm going to save the last two stamp set previews for when the stamps are actually in my hands and available to you. However I'll give you the titles of the two unseen stamp sets! Ready?

Hey Cupcake


Have A Tweet Day

Stay tuned shortly because I will be announcing a few fun things along with my stamp release. And keep your calendars open because there may be opportunities to host some parties in the future where the hostess will get one free stamp set just for hosting! How cool is that? An entire stamp set for free. I'm not taking reservations yet... So keep checking and I'll let you know when I will!! Thanks for all your support and enthusiasm! It means so much to me!