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Call for Help!

Hello everyone! Well I'm back from our quick trip to Chicago and thanks to the airplane ride I have another project to share with everyone! But before I do that I'd like a few people to test it first! (It has some new features with the PDF!) So... if you'd like to get the project (It's a Mother's Day Card) before everyone else and help me test out the new feature email me at:
erinschlosser (at) schlosserdesigns (dot) com
and put Mother's Day Test in the subject line please! I'll need about 5 people so email me quick! But don't worry, I'll release it in the next few days for everyone to download!!
And since I don't like doing posts without pictures, check out this wonderfully colorful display I took while in Chicago!

Edited: Thanks for the emails! I've gotten enough people to help test for now! Look for the new project soon!


One of my favorite projects

This is one of my favorite projects that I've used a few times this week already!

Ribbon Bordered Picture Frame.

See here for the complete instructions.

Why have I used this tutorial several times this week already? Well, you see, last week my husband got into the MBA program he was hoping to, and it's not in the area, which means that we're moving---to Chicago! And very soon too as his semester starts in June! So, I've been madly staging the house to sell and this tutorial works great for adding a little something extra to your pictures.

I'm excited about the move, but also sad that we'll be leaving warm Texas for the cold that is the northern U.S. Have you been to Chicago? What are your favorite places to visit? What are some great craft stores in the area? Because that's the most important thing, right? :)

Don't worry though, new projects arriving shortly! I'll be needing some help too with some testing! So stay tuned for opportunities to test out some projects before they are released here!

Also- Don't forget to enter into the Design Challenge at Fresh Nest Design! There's a $125+ Kelli Kit up for grabs to the winner!!!


Crafty Mishaps

I was just introduced to this site yesterday and thought I'd share. It's called CraftFail and it's where crafters submit projects that didn't necessarily turn out as planned. (Go visit and have a look around!) Because we ALL know that happens! I've got so many projects that I've done for the blog that didn't turn out like I planned and decided not to include here. Maybe I should feature some of them here? So, don't worry if you're new to crafting or trying a new technique! Many times I do 3-4 ideas before one I like enough to feature here. Have any projects that didn't turn out like you wanted? Please share in the comments!


Tutorial Tuesday: Baby Book

Here's a slide show of the book I made for a co-worker that was expecting. (Katelyn has been born now!)

It's super easy to make! And here's the download for you! Click to download the Baby Book. There's 4 pages in PDF format. (Each page has 3 prompts.) All of the scrapbook prompts above are included and I added some that include meeting their sister/brother/siblings and the cat. I also added a stat page for a boy too. So you're ready to go!

When I made it I put one prompt on each page (each prompt is the size of an index card) and left space on the other side for a picture. That way the book is already made, the new parents just fill in their thoughts and add a picture!

Let me know in the comments if there are other pages you'd like to see and I can make those a separate download!

Happy Crafting!


This weeks download is up!

Adobe likes me again so be sure to go to this post and get your Just Because candy wrappers download!


Tutorial Tuesday-Just Because

For some reason Adobe doesn't want to make PDF's for me right now...so while I figure it out tonight and have the download ready to go for you tomorrow (scroll down, Adobe likes me again and the links are up!), here's a sneak peek of the project:

Tomorrow I'll have the bag topper and candy wrapper labels for your downloading pleasure!

Ok, download the two PDF's and you're good to go! I wrapped the labels around Hershey's Nuggets so all you'll need is a bag of those and you're ready! The instructions for the bag toppers are in the download and I just added a simple silver rhinestone for something extra.

Here's the links! Click to download the PDF's.
Candy Cover Labels
Candy Bag Toppers

**Be sure that when you print them they are not scaled or fitting to page. This will cause them to not print correctly! For the labels I used the Avery 8860 white address labels. (They are 1" x 2 5/8")

Let me know if you've got any questions or comments!

Happy Crafting!


What I've been up to...

Many of you know I'm an interior designer on top of all the crafty fun I have here. So on top of finalizing the new stamp set releases (yea!) I've co-founded an interior design specific blog with Deb from Mumbo Jumbo!
I've always believed that no matter what your budget you can have well designed spaces! So head on over to Fresh Nest Design for inspiration! And don't forget to follow the instructions in this post to win a spot for our Monday feature: Redesign a Space where we choose reader submitted spaces and give them a makeover! You can also submit questions or tips. Who knows? We might answer your questions too!

(Don't worry, this blog is not going to go by the wayside! In fact, due to my new employment situation I hope to post more craft projects every week here!)

Thanks for your continued support and wonderful comments and emails I receive! I can't wait to start going through my 3 sketchbooks and creating new projects to share!

Have an awesome weekend!