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Tips & Tricks

See these links for different tips and tricks that help me.

Easy Coordinated Ribbon

Sticker Pizazz


See links below for various templates I've created for you. And best of all....they're free!

Hexagon Box Template

Pizza Box Template

Envelope Template

Krispy Treat Package Printout


See the list below of step-by-step tutorials I've created for you!

Votive Holder

Flower Brooch

Paper Flowers

Ribbon Bordered Picture Frame

Make A Quick Sketchbook

Embellished Candles

Fabric Pumpkins

Pet Pumpkin Rocks

Quick & Easy Accent Pillows

Halloween Wall Art

Easy Home Decor Blocks

Child's Memory Game

Make your own Cookie Cutter

Tile Transfer Art-Coasters and Home Decor

Krispy Treat Gifts

Merry Soaps

Printable 2009 Hexagon Calendar


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First Post

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