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Just Because...

Thank you everyone for all the suggestions, both comments and emails! There were lots of great ideas! I did a few this time, and next time I'll do the rest because I just couldn't narrow it down! For this download you get 4 cards! There are 2 blank square ones, and two rectangular ones that fit inside a standard sized envelope. Those two are Thinking of You and Just Because cards. I honestly can't tell you which one is my favorite because I like them all so much!

Here's what the sheet looks like printed out:

All you will need is white cardstock, paper trimmer, and a either an x-acto knife or sharp pointed scissors. The sheet will print out with some very fine, light grey lines on it. Just cut along those lines, trim the scalloped shaped area out and fold both pieces in half. You've got two cards and the only scrap is a little rectangle of cardstock!

This is probably my favorite! I had it designed to say Just Because but my husband was watching and suggested that I put underneath that: friendship doesn't need a reason. How clever is he? So there you have it, a collaborative project!

Click on the pictures below and they will take you straight to the PDF to print out. Be sure when you print them out you Don't scale to fit the page. Just print it exactly like it is. This will make sure that the sizes and placement come out correctly!

Happy Crafting!


  1. Those are so cute! I kirtsy'd it!

  2. These are great. Thanks.

  3. Fantastic- don't you love it when husbands help? :) The colors are great, they are perfect for my taste!

  4. Love this! Totally what I need right now! Thanks so much for listening! You're stuff is great!

  5. These are great! Thank you! I'm sending the friendship one to my sister in the mail tomorrow! Just because!

    (sorry about all the exclamation points, I'm really not that hyperactive)


  6. wow! what a generous gift - they are so so pretty - just what i imagine i would have done if ui had the talent :) thanks again!!

  7. Thanks for these - beautiful! :)

  8. thank you very much I love your generous gift